This is my first post. The idea behind this site is to be used as a showcase, I am not sure about what, but there are a few things I am interested in. So I'll try to make myself clear in a few lines.

I work as a web developer, for a big company and I am very unhappy, maybe I'll write more on that in another post. I studied photography a few years ago but I was never able to make a living of it, also I studied civil engineering although I was convinced that university will not get me any closer to what I want in life, I really enjoy civil engineering and engineering in general, but I am convinced that the world is moving in the wrong direction. Some of the foundations of modern societies has become religion-like, specially in less developed countries, so education is about faith not about knowledge. So, why I write about this? Well, I don't like all this pseudo data-driven societies, I don't like Facebook or LinkedIn and I think these do way more harm than good, but yet, most people, like developers and recruiters love them because they do life "easier" for everyone. I believe in small enterprises and people that have a reason to care about you, this site is for not having to use those sites, I would love to see that my ideas reach to a bigger audience and I would love to hear from others without having to use that kind of sites but I know I am probably asking for too much.

So I want to group here some apparently unrelated aspects of my life, this is a work in progress but I want to include the repositories of the projects I am working on, the texts I write, be it for tutorials, social or political points of view or ideas that came to my mind and finally I want to include some photos I've taken through my life, I hope there are many more to come.